Blacksmith’s: know the technique and uses

Blacksmith is the work with metallic structure, both for handmade creation and for grids, doors, and gates.

Let’s explore the ironwork and its history?

What is it: process in reduced metallurgy patterns, because in this segment we work with metals, mostly in a relatively handmade way.

Iron use and history

Metallurgy is the set of techniques that man has developed over time that has allowed him to extract and manipulate metals and generate alloys. The first metals to be discovered were the noble metals. These began to be worked when it was discovered that heat could soften them.

It is believed that around 2,500 B.C., the first metallic alloys appeared. With the addition of tin to copper, generating bronze, a metallic alloy that had superior properties to copper.

What is the alloy

Steel is a metallic alloy formed essentially by iron and carbon, with percentages of the latter varying between 0.008 and 2.11%. It is distinguished from cast iron, which is also an alloy of iron and carbon. The fundamental difference between both is that steel, due to its ductility, is easily deformed, while a cast iron piece is very fragile when submitted to traction.

Sawmill: activities

A sawmill produces frames, gates, gratings, among other products, using iron and, more recently, aluminum as basic raw material. Most locksmiths work by order of service, that is, by order. In Elo7, we have shelves, hangers, bed headboards, benches, and decorative ornaments.

The locksmith business is an activity with continuous growth, mainly with the national economic stability in which constructions have increased substantially, in the same way that reforms have also grown.

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