What is Craftsmanship in Art?

The world of art is filled with many different kinds of art. Some people love painting, while others love sculpture. Others love music, poetry, dance, or theater. There are so many different kinds of art that it can be overwhelming to choose which kind of art you want to buy.

The world of art is filled with many different kinds …

Blacksmith’s: know the technique and uses

Blacksmith is the work with metallic structure, both for handmade creation and for grids, doors, and gates.

Let’s explore the ironwork and its history?

What is it: process in reduced metallurgy patterns, because in this segment we work with metals, mostly in a relatively handmade way.

Iron use and history

Metallurgy is the set of techniques that man has developed …

Wood craftsmanship: see what tools you will need

Doing manual work is an excellent way to get rid of the stress accumulated in everyday life and spend pleasant moments. All it takes is a little bit of willingness and a dose of creativity. But, besides this therapeutic function, craftsmanship for many can result in a good opportunity to obtain a second income. If you don’t know what kind …